Terms & Conditions

1. Ownership of Property: The customer had represented and warranted to the Schoolstorage.com they, he or she, is the legal owner or in lawful possession of the property and has legal right and authority to contract for services for all the property tendered.

2. Pricing and Deposits, Payments. All final invoices will be determined on per items basis. All pricing can be found on the website at www.Schoolstorage.com. The customer is reserving storage space in advance and hence payment is required at the time of order to confirm and process a reservation. The minimum storage order Schoolstorage.com will accept is $ 99 (ninety nine dollars)

3. Liability of Schoolstorage.com: (A.) Schoolstorage.com is not responsible for fragile articles injured or broken unless packed by its employees and unpacked by them at the time of delivery. (B.) The contract is accepted subject to delays or damages caused by war, Acts of God, street traffic, or other causes beyond the contract of the Schoolstorage.com. (C.) Schoolstorage.com reserves the right to take prudent measures in the interest of protecting their customers’ storage, during or after an occurance deemed Acts of God (E.) Schoolstorage.com is not responsible if your college or institution does not allow movers or campus representatives on your campus. You are required to meet our movers in the designated areas that are assigned to you. Schoolstorage.com will not enter any premises. (F.) Schoolstorage.com is not responsible for any mechanical or electrical functionality such as but not limited to: radios, stereos, computers, TV1s, or other such articles or appliances whether such articles are packed or unpacked by  Schoolstorage.com.
(G.) Schoolstorage.com reserves the right to repack items that were improperly packed or sealed and overpacked boxes that break, at the company’s discretion for safe delivery of these items or boxes.The customer is responsible for the cost of labor and packing materials.

4. Cancellation Policy: Deposits are refundable if cancellation occurs prior to 2 weeks of the first collection date for your University or April 20th whichever comes first. Prior to this deadline refunds are paid less a $ 45 fee which is charged to resell the space. If cancellation occurs after April 20th when the space reserved is finalized, the payment will be forfeited. Additionally, prior to the previously stated deadline, no refunds are made for cancellations after the packing supplies are delivered to the customer. Once the payment is processed for an emergency or rush order, the order cannot be cancelled. The payment will be forfeited if the customers decides not to proceed withthe service. Any reservation that includes a “Special out of schedule collection or delivery” is an emergency order. A rush order is a reservation made within 72 hours of the reserved date.

5. Claims: (A.) As a condition precedent to recovery, claims must be made in writing and filed with the Schoolstorage.com within 14 days of delivery date. (B.) Schoolstorage.com has the right to inspect and repair all alleged damages.

6. Restrictions on Service: (A.) No service shall be rendered in the storage of articles of unusual value. The maximum declared value of a customer’s storage must not exceed $2,500.00. (B.) No service shall be rendered for items containing valuables such as jewelry and or collectibles. (C.) No packages containing liquids such as detergents, toiletries, shampoos, hairspray or other flammable goods will be accepted and the customer acknowledges they are liable for any damages that their storage content inflicts on other customers property. (D.) Schoolstorage.com has the right to refuse packages or articles which are improperly packed or wrapped.(E) The customer acknowledges that Schoolstorage.com is indemnified from any responsibility or damages if the customer’s storage exceeds $ 2500.00 (two thousand five hundred dollars) in value.

7. Insurance: (A.) Insurance coverage of $ 100 per article will be provided as long as packing instructions are adhered to. (B.) Schoolstorage.com does not insure items of intangible value, (sentimental or emotional, jewelry, extremely fragile items, and minor damages due to normal handling, damage due to heat, humidity or weather conditions during pick-up, storage or delivery. (C.) Unlabeled boxes or items submitted for storage cannot be verified, scanned and tracked through our system and therefore do not qualify for any insurance coverage, purchased or automatic coverage.

Schoolstorage.com does not have control over how a customer packs the articles inside their boxes. Therefore insurance claims will be denied if the exterior of a box has no visible damage. The maximum insurance coverage available from Schoolstorage.com is three hundred dollars per box or article which includes any additional purchased coverage. The primary insurance coverage for a customer’s storage is their homeowners insurance.

8. Policy for the Insurance of ala carte items and furniture items
The collection and delivery service is only available for furniture if the customers accepts that Schoolstorage.com will only collect, store and deliver their furniture in an “AS IS” condition. SchoolStorage personnel exercise great care during pick up, storage and delivery. However by accepting our service the customer agrees that SchoolStorage will not be inspecting the furniture for damage at collection and Schoolstorage.com will not be held liable for any damage to the furniture. The customer agrees to use their homeowner’s policy to insure the furniture that is to be collected, stored and returned to the customer.

9. Address, and or Change of Address: (A.) The customer’s full name, university, home address and home phone number are required on all packages. (B.) If delivery or home address changes from the time this contract was entered, it is the customer’s responsibility to notify the Schoolstorage.com in writing.

10. Non-Affiliation with Colleges and Universities: Schoolstorage.com is  privately owned. Schoolstorage.com and is in no way affiliated or recommended by the Colleges or Universities at which it performs its business unless otherwise specified. Schoolstorage.com sets the delivery times and dates. (A.) If a pick-up or delivery is scheduled outside the dates determined by Schoolstorage.com, Schoolstorage.com reserves the right to charge additional fees. All additional pricing can be found on the company website at www.Schoolstorage.com. (B.) Schoolstorage.com reserves the right to change the pick up and delivery date if written notification is given within 2 weeks prior to the original date (C.) The customer is responsible for meeting both the pick-up and delivery date and time. If the customer fails to do so, reasonable charges will apply to repeat the service. The driver schedules are set, the documents printed and customers are queued in advance so any changes requested within 7 days of the execution will incur a fee of $ 45 for the company to re-do all of these functions.

11. Ineligible Discounts: Summer storage orders for $ 99 (does not apply to Going Green box storage) or less and the $ 6.95 month to month fees are not eligible for any discounts. Schoolstorage.com does not discount labor. Discounts only apply to storage.

12. Special requests for collection or delivery of storage and pull services: Pull request for onsite collection or submission and out-of-schedule collection or delivery of storage require a minimum 2 weeks advance notice and labor fees for these service will apply. The facility requires advance notice because soon after major operations the facility experiences downtime while machinery and equipment undergo required maintenance and service. A special off season request requires lead time to schedule drivers & the labor for the task and reserve the trucks . Customers who order In Room and Curbside service are expected to be available for the rendering of this service, from 9 AM to 5 PM on the date reserved. No guarantees of a specific time for a collection or delivery can or will be offered by the company.

13. Delays and postponements. Schoolstorage.com has an excellent record for on-schedule collections and deliveries. However, certain occurrences are beyond the control of Schoolstorage.com such as road traffic gridlock, campus parking restrictions during move-in and move-out, facility and equipment mechanical failures and acts of God. If a delay or postponement of a collection or delivery of storage is necessitated by the above listed occurrence, the full extent of Schoolstorage.com’s liability will be the amount of the collection or delivery fee that was paid by the customer.

14. Entire Agreement: This contract represents the entire agreement between parties hereto and cannot be modified except in writing and shall be deemed to apply to all of the property which Schoolstorage.com may now or any time in the future store, pack, transport or ship for the owners account.