Study Abroad Storage

Students who are going abroad for the Spring semester usually expect their storage to be collected when the fall semester ends. So all the move-out dates for the fall semester in December are free for storage collection from designated locations (see Dates for Free Pick up on menu for these locations) . There is an additional fee if you wish to have the storage collected from the room. Please see the price under More Options.

The storage fees for Study Abroad orders are as follows:

If you wish to receive our free boxes and tape a week before your storage is collected you can choose one of the Combo Selections from the pricing page. If you have your own boxes, you can select the number of boxes you wish to store under Your Own packaging on the pricing page. Items that do not fit in boxes i.e Refrigerators, beds, desks etc. are priced under Ala carte items. All the items on the pricing page include 4 months of storage, free collection and delivery during Move in and Move out for your university. After the first 4 months  of storage have completed and until your storage is delivered the fee is $6.95 per item per month for standard sized items and $ 12.95 per month for large furniture items (ie Sofas, mattresses etc).

Once your order is placed online, the company will review it and send you an invoice confirming your order. The website does not charge your credit card at the time you place your order.

Please register and view the pricing page for a complete list of items we store and the prices for storage.

Please feel free to contact us at 610-239-0200 if you have any further questions