Credit Policy for unused individual New Schoolstorage Boxes (Does not apply to box packages)

You may cancel individual extra boxes that were ordered. Does not apply to discounted box packages.
Please follow the rule listed below, no exceptions.

  • Send Schoolstorage.com a request to CustomerService@Schoolstorage.com, to inform us at least 72 hours ahead of your collection date, the number of boxes to Credit.

    You will receive a credit of 80 % of the box price ( $ 39 credit/box)
    . We cannot reuse delivered boxes so you may keep the box.
  • Because of the many free services offered the minimum order total for storage is $ 99
    The website does not process your payment. You will receive an invoice confirming your order before the payment
    is processed. Discount credit per any coupon code will appear in the confirmation invoice.












Who is SchoolStorage?

SchoolStorage is a local business which specializes in providing student storage and shipping for select universities within our region. SchoolStorage is characterized as a caring company. We are unique because our only focus is assisting students. Parents find it particularly helpful when they can work with a compassionate individual who can help if their student is sick or when faced with some other circumstance and requires help with their belongings. Because our service is personalized, we can also respond to sudden schedule changes, flights missed or international contingencies for study abroad students or foreign students. We do not offer storage or rent to the public. SchoolStorage has a dedicated staff that works year round and their total focus is on students. With SchoolStorage, parents and students can be confident in our availability 365 days of the year. back to top

What services does SchoolStorage provide?

SchoolStorage specializes in providing college students year round storage. SchoolStorage also provides packing services, summer storage, monthly storage to students, study abroad storage and pickup and delivery to campus and to off campus locations. We can also ship your items or specifically identified items from your storage per your request. SchoolStorage can provide these services at anytime of the year. Not just at the beginning or end of a semester.  Shrink wrap service is available for furniture on a per item basis back to top

How does your service work?

We keep it simple. Once you register you have complete access to your University’s reservation information. Most of the colleges and Universities listed work exclusively with Schoolstorage.com. We supply you with the free boxes based on the package you choose or you may use your own boxes and containers. The A La Carte section includes all the items that are stored unboxed. The boxes if needed are delivered to campus 7 to 10 days before finals. You can specify the date of pickup and delivery. We collect your items on the date requested and store it safe in our facility. We deliver it to you the day you return. Our system permits you to have all your items shipped or certain items shipped and other items held until you return. If plans change and you needed to return early or needed to access your items we are local, you will always know where to find us. back to top

Recent Reviews?

Customer reviews

“Extremely professional, VERY helpful and accommodating, quick response to questions and concerns. Staff went above and beyond.  Great customer service!”

“I have been very happy with the storage service itself–all my daughter’s items have been safely stored and picked up and delivered as arranged.”

“Easy!  I received all of my things. They always called before delivery. Usually don’t have to wait too long.”

“Living far from Philadelphia, I have confidence that my items will be picked up when expected, stored securely and delivered in one piece without issues. I have used the services for the summers of 2015 and 2016.”

“Overall, we are very satisfied with your service.”

“My things were stored well.”

“Nicest, most competent & reliable people!”

“Drop off and pickup were fine. It was hard as a first time student to estimate how much to store and pay for.”

“Very accommodating staff during a rushed need.”

“We are very satisfied with the great services that you provided to us! We are also very impressed with the customer service representatives. They are professional, friendly, patient and helpful. We definitely will continue to use your service in the future.”

“Drivers are always very kind and respectful!”

“Was an awesome over all experience! Will be using school storage again for sure!!”

“Overall you did very good job. We thank you and the two gentleman who did the delivery. They were very nice.”

 More reviews
Customer service was incredible. We missed a deadline and the office was immediately responsive and accommodating. Whenever I had a question I heard back promptly. We had only two issues.  The first is I thought I had ordered bubble wrap to be delivered to the room ahead of time but it never was and second I didn’t realize there would be an additional charge to deliver the storage to the new room.  It made sense that we would have to pay again though and the price was reasonable.
Please add military discounts. Customer service was terrific in terms of answering my questions via phone or e-mail.  The men moving the furniture were also terrific and very efficient.
School Storage service and team exceeded my expectations, by providing not just a storage service but also a closed and customized solution in my case.
This year when I return from summer vacation to my new dorm, my items were already delivered in advance to my room impecably.
Extremely satisfied with the excellent services that the Schoolstorage provided to us for the last three summers.
When I first contacted School Storage everyone was so helpful and patient.
The new feature of having the stored items in my son’s room prior to our arrival back on campus was extremely helpful.  Please continue this feature going forward! It made all the difference in the world for our unpacking and settling him in!
I appreciate the customer service that I received. I had some issues with  figuring out with to do with a foam topper in the spring.  I love that y’all delivered directly into my son’s room before he even moved in!
Great service!!!
Friendly delivery service.
Pick-up employees were very friendly and flexible. Customer service through email was also exceptionally friendly. Greatly appreciated that packages were delivered to room early.
Customer Service in particular went above and beyond every time I contacted them, which I especially appreciated.
We have used School Storage two summers in a row and will continue for as long as she is at Penn.
The field collection personnel was always timely and very nice.
Everything went so smoothly each time. Customer service was very friendly, helpful and efficient! We have had very happy experiences with schoolstarage for the past couple of years.
I am very thankful that SchoolStorage made a needed adjustment on their fee policy in consideration of my experience with Hurricane Harvey. Thanks again!
Communications were good for the pickup. Communication regarding delivery needs to be improved. I had to initiate the phone calls to learn if my preferred delivery time was approved.   I designated another person to receive the delivery, with his phone number, however on delivery day I received a phone call from the driver who had not been informed
Keep us with this awesome customer service, this this makes a difference!
We just want to express our deepest appreciation to you for helping us so much in the past. You went extra miles to help us and we want to thank you!!
communications were good


Can I store my electronics?

Yes, just be sure to securely pack them! The most common error made in packing electronics is failing to properly protect the contents within the packing container. When this happens, shocks received on the outside of the carton can pass through to the electronics, causing damage. You should consider the following suggestions when packing your electronics for shipping and storage:

  • Use the original boxes to pack computers and other electronics. They are the correct size and the original packing materials, if kept, will help ensure the safety of the contents.
  • Use Bubble Wrap®, towels, blankets, newspaper, or clothes to fill opens spaces and cushion your electronics. Make certain that your electronics are secure enough so that they cannot move around inside.

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How do I print storage labels?

  1. Login to your account at www.schoolstorage.com
  2. On the left margin press the tab for “print labels”
  3. print a label for EACH item you want to store
  4. Labels are free. So always print a few extra and discard what you do not use

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Can I store my furniture?

Yes. You can store furniture including bikes, trunks, rugs, refrigerators, shelves, futons, desks, filing cabinets, chairs and more! If an item isn’t listed in the A La Carte section, note it in the comment box when you submit your form and one of our customer care professionals will respond to you within 24 hours. back to top

Do you have restrictions on the types of things that can be stored?

Yes. Hazardous materials, liquids, jewelry, cash, and valuables cannot be stored with SchoolStorage. All packages must be packed appropriately and in accordance with our packing instructions. back to top

Do you offer study abroad or extended storage?

Yes. SchoolStorage will return your storage at any time of the year; you are not required to pay for a full semester’s storage when you extend your storage beyond the summer. Whether you are going away for a semester or want to store for a whole year, we can arrange storage. SchoolStorage keeps it economical for our students by allowing you to store by the month. Just notify us two weeks before you return to have your storage delivered to you. back to top

What are the Study Abroad storage tiers?

Coming soon.


How does the moving service work?

Coming soon!

How much does moving cost?

Coming soon!

Can the delivery day be different from the pick-up day?

Coming soon!

Where can SchoolStorage delivery to?

Coming soon!


How does your shipping service work?

Once items are packed and labeled, send ‘Customer Support’ (left menu- Homepage) a message with the label id’s (last 5 digits) for items to be shipped.  SchoolStorage will process the shipment for you. Our personnel will measure, weigh, manifest and print your labels for a small fee. Also please check the ‘ship items’ box under “More Options” when you place your order which notifies our office that you have items/boxes to ship. SchoolStorage will ship it via the least costly carrier UPS or FedEx ground. Larger storage items can be shipped by truck. For large storage shipments (furniture, etc.) the customer should email our delivery operations for more details. back to top

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping services are calculated based on the actual weight, the box dimensions and the destination address. back to top

Can I ship furniture?

Yes, SchoolStorage personnel can pack the item to ship because UPS and FedEx require all items shipped be in boxes, luggage, or trunks. The packing of furniture and unboxed items to prep for shipment is a fee based service. SchoolStorage can also palletize and ship by truck back to top


Where is your storage facility located?

SchoolStorage is a local company and serves all our students from our facility in Norristown, Pennsylvania, well within driving distance from your campus. SchoolStorage is conveniently located across the street from the SEPTA (the regional train service) station. back to top

Can I access or pickup my belongings while in storage?

Yes, you can access or pickup your stored items from our facility in Norristown, Pennsylvania Monday through Saturday. A prior scheduled appointment is required. back to top


Do you provide free packaging supplies?

Yes. Our boxes, tape and labels are supplied free with the large box or package storage. back to top

Can I use other boxes besides the ones provided by Schoolstorage.com?

Yes you may use your own boxes however, Schoolstorage prefers that you use the free new boxes we supply with our box storage options. The reason: Schoolstorage supplies only double wall boxes which are much stronger than the single wall boxes usually sold. back to top

Where and how will my packing supplies be delivered?

You will be notified by email to collect your boxes from a specific location on campus. It will be a University designated building or location on campus. back to top


How do I print additional storage labels?

  1. Login to your account at www.Schoolstorage.com
  2. Select the PRINT LABELS link on the left menu.
  3. Print a label for EACH item you want to store or ship. back to top

When will I be able to select a pickup and delivery time?

You will be able to choose from a number of convenient pickup and delivery dates, which will occur during finals week and several days prior to the start of classes. Pickup and delivery times are normally posted a 45 days prior to the start/end of a semester. You may sign up for your pickup and delivery when you order the service or you can login later to your account and select one. We will notify via email all registered customers who have not selected a pickup or delivery time after these times have been posted. back to top

Can I select a specific time for my pick up or delivery?

Right now we only offer a window for your pickup time. For example, your pickup or delivery could be 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. It is highly recommended that you make no other plans during your pickup/delivery time. If you have to be gone at some point, be close enough to your dorm that you can come back within a moment’s notice. back to top

I live off-campus. Can you pick up my things?

YES! SchoolStorage will pick up and deliver your storage from your off-campus location. You can also have your storage collected from your off campus room or apartment. Please select “In room” for this fee based service on the order page. back to top

Will you have extra boxes during collection?

Yes. Students sometime under estimate how much stuff needs to be packed. The SchoolStorage trucks will have additional boxes. It is suggested that you email or call the office (610-239-0200) and request it in advance to have our personnel reserve a box(s) for you on the truck. back to top

What if I don’t know my fall address prior to your picking up my things?

Don’t worry we will contact every student by email a month prior to your return to update this information. back to top

What if I need a different pickup/delivery date than the one listed for my school?

We can schedule a special pickup/delivery for you for an additional fee ($85-$135).Please mark the “Special pick up/delivery” on the order form. You can also select a one hour time window for this service. back to top


Are items protected against damage or loss?

Yes. Our prices include $100 worth of valuation per shipped or stored item. We strongly recommend the purchase of additional valuation in cases where the replacement value of your possessions exceeds $100 per package. Additional valuation can be purchased by checking the box on your order form (max. $ 300 per box or item). back to top

Can I purchase additional declared valuation?

Yes. You may purchase up to $300 of additional declared valuation per storage item, up to a maximum of $2500 for your complete storage order. To purchase storage or shipping declared valuation, enter the value of the contents of the item as the declared value. To purchase shipping declared valuation, make sure to input the declared value in the designated field. back to top

What is the cost of the additional declared valuation?

The cost for each additional $100 of Declared Value is $3.00. back to top


Lowest price guarantee for storage items

Yes. Schoolstorage.com consistently publishes discounts on the order page so providing a stable price comparison is difficult. The Schoolstorage.com discounts are purposed to benefit early reservations because it also helps with our logistical plans. We can serve our customers better when we have a certain percentage reserve well in advance of their storage collection. Schoolstorage is so confident about our value as a permanent year round facility that we offer a lowest price guarantee on any storage item. Please contact us at 610-239-0200 if you find a comparable item at a lower price.

Price includes all summer (4 mths) storage, free pick up and
delivery from campus during move out & move in (published dates)

Description Price
Large Box 24″ X 16″ x 18″   Storage + Free Box  $ 47.50 /box Package pricing
Ironing board $ 18.75
Desk Chair  $ 48
Drawer (Plastic 3 drawer set)  $ 43.75
Desk (max L 40″)  $ 45
Fridge  $ 47.50
Microwave  $ 35
Mirror  $ 27.50
Printer  $ 35
Rug or Carpet  $ 43
Tv or Monitor  $ 49
Ironing Board  $ 15
Framed Picture  $36.25
Mattress  $ 93.75
Bed Frame Steel  $ 40
Poster Tube  $ 23
Dresser Large Plastic  $ 48.75
Nightstand  $ 43.75
Small Bookcase  $ 38.75
Chair Bean Bag  $ 48.75
Suitcase  $ 50
Sofa Loveseat  $ 92.50
Fan  $ 43.75
Study Abroad (per month)  $ 6.95

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa cards. back to top

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes. Please select the payment plan option on the order form. Schoolstorage will split your invoice into three equal payments. The first payment is due with the order and the next two installments are charged to your account on the first day of the two subsequent months. There is a $3 service fee that is added to each payment.

Military discount?

Members of a Military family (a parent serving in the military) are entitled to a 15 % discount off standard prices. Please indicate the member’s name rank or title and the service in the comment box. Note, No discounts apply for orders received within 2 weeks of the collection date or  after April 15th, whichever arrives first. Discounts cannot be combined . back to top

How do you prepare my final bill?

Following the pickup of your items, we will process charges based on the quantity and type of items shipped and stored, and according to the prices contained in the Pricing section. The balance on your account is charged to your credit card saved on your account. You can view/print your final statement right from your account. back to top

Can I cancel my service?

Yes. 14 days prior to the standard delivery dates for your university or April 20th whichever comes first. You can either submit a form requesting cancellation of service or see other contact information. See our Terms and Conditions for any additional fees that may be assessed to your account for cancellation. back to top

Are there Late sign up fees?

SchoolStorage does not charge you a penalty for signing up late. We encourage students to sign up early because of our quality of service and low prices we run out of space every year. back to top


How the tracking system works

The customer prior to storage collection will print labels from their online account and attach the labels to each box or item submitted for storage.  Each label will include an automatically generated unique bar code.

Once the storage is collected from the customer they can login to their account and track their storage to the location in our facility where the items are stored. The software will work in sync with the hardware we employ on the field and at our facility.


Schoolstorage requires all customers and staff to follow the safety guidlines recommended by the CDC. Customers are not permitted to enter our offices or facilities at this time. We may have limited hours of operation and certain services may be suspended for the protection of our employees.

Pick up at Facility

Collection of storage from our facility is available with  2 weeks advance reservation. All orders must be placed  online.  Warehouse hours are from 10 am to 3 pm Monday through Friday. Customers will receive an email confirmation which will include the pick up location and the time of appointment. When the customer arrives at the location, our staff will bring the storage out to the facility driveway. The customer must remain in their vehicle until our staff signals them to collect storage. Masks are required to receive service. Safe distancing and contactless protocols will be followed.


Schoolstorage is a storage service. Owing to the Covid crisis however Schoolstorage will add a minimized packing service as a courtesy to assist customers if they are unable to return and pack the storage themselves. This service is made available specifically to assist our customers during their time of need but puts our staff’s health at risk because of the highly contagious nature of the disease. In order for Schoolstorage to perform this service the customer must accept the following conditions,

  1. If the customer cannot be reached to answer any packing questions, the packers will use their best judgement to pack the storage.
  2. Because the customer is not present at the time of packing and there is no chain of custody, the packing is done on a “as is” basis. Schoolstorage is only accountable for the number of boxes and/or ala carte items scanned when the storage arrives at the facility It is understood and accepted by the customer that the entirety of what was in the room or apartment when the packer arrived at the location, is packed in the boxes sealed(taped closed)  for storage. As a condition of Schoolstorage providing this service during this Pandemic, the customer accepts that if an item is not contained in the boxes packed by the packer, it was not in the room or apartment when the packer arrived to pack.
  3. If additional boxes are required by the packer to complete packing the storage, above and beyond what the customer estimated at the time of placing the order, the customer will pay for the storage of the additional boxes and ala carte items.
  4. Packers will not disassemble furniture, remove TV’s fixed to the wall or posters attached to walls.
  5. Schoolstorage will not pack any liquids or other items excluded from storage as stated in the Terms and Conditions.

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